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"I AM TESSA is a wonderful resource for demystifying anxiety and providing the empowering tools to help those affected move gracefully through life. Tessa Zimmerman is passionate, dedicated, and brings her whole self to connect with those affected, and educate those in a position to help." 

Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga

1 in 2 students in the U.S. experience anxiety or stress-related behaviors.

I was one of those children. 

I AM TESSA is a blend of short, personal stories along with the tools and coping mechanisms that help young people thrive. 

Each tool is designed to take the reader on a learning journey about themselves and ultimately help them move through their anxiety to find joy in challenging moments. 

While not every tool works for every person, this book includes a wide variety to meet the needs of each unique person.

You have a choice in how your story will unfold.