“What if pain - like love - is just a place brave people visit?” 

Glennon Doyle Melton, Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life

On Sunday, I was feeling significantly anxious (mind you, I only blog when I am anxious as anxiety is my greatest inspiration...weird, I accept that).

This anxiety was tear-jerking, there's no sleep in my future-type anxiety. 

So there I am up at 3 am. My mind likes to believe that 3am is a very appropriate time to worry about everything that probably, most likely will not go wrong, but feels like it will.

As I am up at an ungodly hour, I decide to meditate. I light a candle and press play on my latest, favorite meditation on new beginnings. 

While I meditate, I get this strong urge to email "my people" to be brave with me. I knew there were a couple of upcoming events in my life that had me questioning my own bravery and strength. So I thought it'd be very powerful, if I built my own Brave Team. To know in those moments, I would not be alone. 

Yes folks, a Brave Team.

I asked my Brave Team to not physically join me at these upcoming events, but to mentally be with me. This can be taking some deep breaths with me or just simply feeling brave. 

Everyone I emailed asking to join in on my Brave Team got back to me. Everyone.

Not one person said it was stupid. No one balked at me or called me crazy. (That's a win in itself!)

Everyone replied with how SUPER JAZZED they were to be brave with me. 

Then I sent an obnoxious calendar invite to ensure that the Brave Team does not forget our upcoming brave events. 

My anxiety had me believing that I would be all alone in these upcoming events. That I, Tessa Zimmerman, would have to bear an unspeakable amount of weight and it would be this uphill emotional battle to show up with grace. 

Now with these upcoming events, I feel excited to show up because I know I am not walking this earth alone. My Brave Team is walking, breathing, and smiling with me as I show up.

It takes courage to show up to the scary, maybe even painful moments with love and grace. So I metaphorically built my own damn army to keep me accountable and supported in a being a brave person.

Anxiety Tip #88: Build A Brave Team. 

P.S. Sometimes members of the Brave Team show up wearing matching t-shirts with the phrase "I Am An ASSET To Tessa"...and we are still friends. We may not be able to all look in the same direction when taking a picture, but we can always be brave together.