I'm not going to lie, I still live with anxiety.

Those mental worries lately have me face-planting into dark chocolate all while I throw spinach or kale into every dish I cook and hook myself up to an IV of kombucha (or as I prefer to call it 'buch.). I've been reconnecting to my breath as tears shed. But mostly I find myself on my knees wondering, "why the hell did this anxious gal choose to be an entrepreneur and publish a book?" 

When I wrote, I Am Tessa, I eloquently word-vomited my entire life's story of growing up with anxiety. But now I find myself as a young adult trying to figure this out and want to scream aloud #adultingishard. Something I am continually amazed by is that my 19 year old self figured it out: life is only hard if we choose to see it as such. Focus on the messy thoughts and messy life happens. *pats self on back*

Yet I find it very easy to return to messy thoughts, to dive into gluten-free paleo cookies (because that must mean they are healthy, correct?), or to flight my fears by doing as many push-ups or burpees till my body gives out. What I've realized is that I, myself, and I believe many others do to get so caught in the day-to-day that we forget to see the magic around us. We forget to take time to do the little things or we do them without much thought. 

When I do experience anxiety, it's because I have gotten lost in past mistakes or am worrying about futures ones. So it's the little acts of health, friendship, and love that ground myself down and continue to ditch that pesky fight or flight response. 

These tips are what I've found to be of help lately: 

1) Hydrate

Simple and sweet. There are little things we forget about throughout the day that actually sends our bodies into the stress response like not enough water. I'm also currently obsessed with the 'buch (kombucha). That's right folks this green juice gal has gone rogue on fermented tea—all hail good gut health, which brings me to my next point...

2) Take Care Of Your Gut

There's a reason our gut called our second brain and we have those "gut feelings". Some foods that keep me healthy and happy: sauerkraut (put it on avocado toast, I dare you), bone broth, eat yo' veggies and fruits, and did I mention grab a glass of 'buch?  P.S. you can even make it yourself! 

3) Move With Ease

Let go of the phrase "no pain, no gain". Tension-based movement also tells our bodies to engage the stress response. Soften. Focus on your breath. Move how it feels good for you. Trust me, it's a lot more fun to wiggle your way through yoga than just hold a pose. 

4) Be Mindful Of The Magic 

As I poured all my worries onto my dearest mentor the other day, Kate, she responded with, "But Tessa, look at all that you've manifested!" It took me a moment, but as I thought it over and realized that there are so many small moments of magic that I overlook (and I know I am not the only one). The small magic moments can simply be a friend I've been thinking about then they text me spontaneously. Or for me, it's the number 88. Shows up everywhere, maybe it's because I am aware of it, but I like to believe it's my magic reminder that I am right where I am supposed to be.

There is so much life happening as a child, as a teen, as an adult, but isn't that beautiful? Scared and excited share a fine line. Which side of the line will you choose? This gal is choosing excited with a little help from the tools above, sweating it out in yoga, and calling upon friends and mentors for emotional boosts.

Join me?

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